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Choc Dipped Banana’s

Choc Dipped Banana’s 

I saw this idea in a clip on Facebook the other day – genius! I think they dipped them in normal dark chocolate, so of course you could do that too to make it even easier! You can also use whatever topping you like to roll them in, I was considering smashed biscuit but opted for the healthier option! These are a great snack or dessert idea for the kids or a summer bbq. 

Equipment required 

1 mixing bowl 

8 ice lolly sticks (I couldn’t find any so had to make do) 

Baking paper 

Shopping list makes 8 

4 large bananas or 8 mini ones 

1/3 cup coconut oil

A little less than 1/3 raw cacoa powder 

1 tbsp rice syrup (maple for paleo)

1 tsp vanilla 

Sea salt 

Flaked almonds or other toppings 

Method to the madness 

If you have large bananas cut them in half, otherwise just insert the stick into the middle of the banana, place them in the freezer on the baking paper for about 10 minutes 

Mix the coconut oil (melted – it’s hot here so I didn’t have to melt it) with the raw cacao, syrup and vanilla, taste for sweetness 

Add is a sprinkle of salt, taste, once you are happy with the taste remove the bananas from the freezer 

Dip the bananas in the chocolate and then roll in the topping of your choice. Because the bananas are cold the coconut oil will become solid after a minute or so. If it doesn’t you can pop them back into the freezer on the baking paper until the chocolate is set 



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