My Food Story!

My love for food started when I was very young. Although extremely fussy as a child, I had a good appreciation for food. I am blessed to have a family that introduced me to a variety of foods and taught me vital cooking skills at a young age.

Developing into a foodie has its downfalls. Like most people I don’t react well to eating a highly processed, wheat and sugar heavy diet. However, it is just so hard to resist those delish cosy carbs. In the past my love for all things carboholic has led to unwanted weight gain and feeling ‘meh’. So now I try to follow a lower carb diet, mainly free from gluten and refined sugar.

I am a food obsessive, food is my passion and to live without certain types of food is simply not an option. I love eating and luckily I love cooking. Recipe development is my creative outlet. I also have a keen interest in nutrition. I love learning new things in all aspects of life so combining my love of food, cooking and nutrition is the perfect fit for me. 

I believe balance is key, I don’t believe in deprivation, I do believe in real food for real life and real health.  I strive to create recipes that are wholesome, nourishing, easy, tasty, satisfying and above all lower carb versions of carb laden classics. 

This blog is an outlet to share my recipes with those of you who love food, like me, but want to avoid high amounts of carbs, sugar and gluten. 

I have completed a few nutrition courses to broaden my knowledge and just for fun. I have completed an accreditation in Nutrition in Practice at Leiths cooking school in London; Nutrition for Everyday Living at College of Naturopathic Medicine and the Kids Gut Health Masterclass, from Kids Gut Heath Australia. 

I am not a nutritionist and don’t claim to be. On top of the courses I have completed I like to read a lot of books on the subject and I firmly believe that what you choose to put into your body and your children’s is the most important choice you can make. 

So, I am just a cook that likes to learn, eat and experience different types of food while trying to nourish my body and feel my best. 
You can follow me on Instagram under for other recipes and travel tips that aren’t on the blog. 


9 thoughts on “My Food Story!

  1. Megs! These are so fantastic!!!! Mom and I are going through all your receipes as we speak! I want to sample the Bill Gates Chocolate Cake! 🙂

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