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The elimination of public enemy number one, WHEAT


I am a curious person, I have always asked a million questions about any new information presented to me. Recently I came across the most shocking information of my life time. Some people use saying’s like ‘curiosity killed the cat’ and ‘ignorance is bliss’ if you are one of those people, who prefers to live in your own little bubble, stop reading now.

Wheat Belly is a book written by William Davis M.D, a cardiologist based in the USA. I came across this book when researching gluten intolerance. I have known for some time that wheat is a culprit for bloating and gluten can have a serious affect on those intolerant, hence my section for gluten free recipes. I had NO idea of the links between wheat and the numerous medical issues listed in Wheat Belly, such as neurological disorders, diabetes, curious rashes and delusions of schizophrenia, just to name a few.

Of course I had to get this book! I went into 4 different book shops in London, the few copies they had were sold out… Clearly this book is catching other people’s attention in the UK, I’m sure bookshops will soon be ordering dozens. I ordered online and while I waited scoured the Internet for other scientific studies and information to back up these claims. From what I have read, wheat is public enemy number one.

I am no scientist and I don’t want to simply regurgitate all the information. I do however want to bring people’s attention to this fascinating book and to the research that shows the real effects of modern day wheat. For those of you who eat wheat (like me until recently) this book is an amazing eye opener that could change your life. In addition, but I feel less importantly, this is another piece of literature affirming the lower carb life style choice.

Needless to say you won’t be seeing wheat in this blog from now on!


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