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Brown Butter Protein Pancakes 

Pancakes are such a great go to breakfast when you feel like something a little indulgent. I don’t make them too often because if I start with a sweet taste then I crave sweet throughout the day.. Today I will have to fight that craving! These are a great hit with kids too, try them for the whole family.

Equipment required 

1 large frying pan 

2 small mixing bowls


Shopping list for 2-3 people 

50g of butter or (coconut oil or goats butter if dairy free) 

Dry ingredients 

1 tbsp of brown rice protein 

2 tbsp coconut flour 

1/2 tsp baking powder 

Pinch of salt 

Wet ingredients 

2 eggs 

1 tsp vanilla 

1 tbsp brown rice malt syrup 

6 tbsp brown rice milk 


2 lrg handfuls of blueberries 

2 lrg tbsp of coconut yogurt 

Sprinkle of rose petals 

Brown rice syrup 

Butter for cooking 

Method to the madness 

Melt the butter in the pan on a medium heat until it turns a nutty brown colour. Turn the pan off once the butter has browned and leave it to cool – if you are using coconut oil you do not need to brown it, simply melt it 

Meanwhile combine the dry ingredients and in a separate bowl combine the wet ingredients, whisking slightly with a fork 

Once the butter has cooled slightly add the butter into the dry ingredients and mix slightly, now pour the wet ingredients into the dry and combine until well mixed 

If you are adding blueberries gently squash 1 handful in your hand and mix through the batter, leave the remaining blueberries for garnish 

Heat the fry pan to a medium heat and add more butter or coconut oil for cooking the pancakes 

Spoon the mixture into the pan, making sure not to over crowd the pan and leaving space to flip them 

Cook the pancakes for a few minutes on each side until golden brown 

Top the pancakes with extra berries, coconut yoghurt and some rose petals or coconut shavings 



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