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Vasta with Salami 

Vasta with Salami 

Ok, I don’t know if I just came up with Vasta (veg pasta) – I would say it has been used before…It did just come to me though, so I’ll claim it, for now 😂. This dish is suitable for the whole family, but you could mix the Vasta with normal pasta for the kids if you wanted. 

Equipment required 


Large fry pan

Shopping list for 1 person

1/4 butternut 

1/2 large courgette

6-8 slices of salami 

4 sundried tomatoes 

4 artichoke hearts 

Splash of oil of choice for cooking (I used avocado)

Good splash of olive oil to finish 



Method to the madness 

Spiralize your butternut and courgette, leaving them separate 

Heat up the fry pan to a medium heat with some oil and sautée the butternut, meanwhile slice the salami 

Add the salami to the butternut and sautée. 

Roughly chop the sundried tomatoes and artichokes 

Once the butternut is nearly cooked (about 5 minutes) add in the sundried tomato, artichokes and courgette – take the pan off the heat and then snip in some fresh chives and add seasoning 

Combine the ingrendients with a nice splash of olive oil and serve hot 

Top with your favourite cheese, I used burrata and some more fresh chives 



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