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Sweet & Salty Chicken Salad 

Sweet & Salty Chicken Salad 

Salads can be mundane, or they can be amazing! I think this one is pretty amazing. Making use of the beautiful nectarines around at the moment and one of my favourite cheeses, manouri. If you haven’t tried manouri do try to get your hands on some. 

Equipment required 

2 lrg fry pans 

Shopping list for 2 people 

2 chicken breasts 

4 slices of Parma ham 

150g of manouri cheese 

1 nectarine 

1 tsp honey 


Small bunch of mint (optional) 

Handful of mixed nuts (optional) 

Leaves of choice 


Oil of choice 

Method to the madness 

Slice the nectarine into segments and set aside, finely slice the mint, roughly chop the mixed nuts and set aside 

Slice the chicken breasts into thin slices and pan fry, just before they are cooked through add the honey and some seasoning and cook until golden 

Slice the manouri into even slices and pan fry in a non stick pan without oil until golden on both sides 

Dress the leaves with a splash of your favourite oil, I used avocado 

Assemble the salad by placing the leaves at the base, placing on the chicken, cheese and Parma ham. Top with the nectarine, chopped nuts and mint. 

Drizzle over some balsamic glaze or vinegar to finish 



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