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Aubergine & Tomato ‘Pasta’ 

Aubergine & tomato ‘pasta’ 

Reducing your animal product consumption can be tricky on a low carb diet. This recipe is vegan, partially raw and totally delish! I highly recommend you try the dish or something similar ASAP. Yummy as a lunch or dinner.

Equipment required 

1 spiralizer

1 lrg frying pan

Shopping list for 1-2 people

2 medium courgettes

1 lrg aubergine

250g of cherry tomato (or your favourite type)

2 large cloves of garlic crushed

Small squeeze of brown rice malt syrup (optinal)


Fresh basil (optional)

A couple of generous slurps of avocado oil (or favourite alternative)

A generous serving of Cashew Parmesan to finish

Method to the madness 

Dice the aubergine

Heat the pan to a medium high heat, add a generous amount of oil and fry off the aubergine’s until they are browning and soft, about 10 mins

Now add the tomatoes and cook down, once the tomatoes have softened add the garlic and splash more oil. Squash the tomatoes to make a ‘sauce’. Taste for seasoning and sweetness, add a squeeze of rice malt syrup if needed. Cook for a further few minutes, taste for seasoning again

While the sauce is cooking spiralize the courgettes. Once you are happy with the taste of the sauce remove it from the heat, you can tear and add the basil now if using.

Mix the sauce through the courgettes noodles and serve topped with Cashew Parmesan 



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