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Chicken & Pistachio Salad


 Chicken & Pistachio Salad 

Upping your raw vege count can be hard. I’m on a mission to add more raw veg into my diet, without just blending them up. So, salad for lunch! This is a super easy salad and the chicken mixture would work well on low carb wraps or breads! You could also replace the mayo with Greek yogurt or cream cheese.

Equipment required 

1 mixing bowl


Shopping list (for 2 people) 

1 small BBQ chicken, you can also cook the chicken from fresh

2 tbsp of mayo

2 small handfuls of pistachios (de shelled)

1 small bunch of chives 

Squeeze of lemon 

1 avocado 

4 handfuls of spinach 

10 cherry tomatoes 

Method to the madness

Remove the skin and take the meat off the chicken carcass (use this to make stock) 

Roughly dice the chicken and place in the mixing bowl 

Roughly chop the pistachios and add to the mixing bowl 

Add in the mayo and snip the chives into small pieces, leave some for garnish 

Liberally squeeze some lemon into the bowl and mix well. Taste for seasoning 

Pile the spinach high on the plate, dice the avocado and assemble with the tomatoes. 

Top with the chicken mixture and a few more snipped chives for presentation 



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