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Paprika Spiced Scallops with Avocado & Mango


Paprika Spiced Scallops with Avocado & Mango

Yumtown! As you may know I’m not a huge lover of seafood, scallops are on the like list, but I loved this dish. I have based this on a dish I tried at Goodman’s this weekend. I had the tiger prawn tempura and it was delish. Scallops were cheaper than prawns at the supermarket, hence the substitute. This is a quick and easy dish that would impress any dinner guest. Serve a smaller portion for a starter.

Equipment required

1 medium fry pan

Shopping list for 2 people

12 fresh scallops
1 avocado
1 small mango
Sprinkle of gluten free flour
Sprinkle of paprika
Decent pinch of salt
Mayonnaise (optional)
Sweet chili sauce (optional)
Coconut or vege oil

Method to the madness

Use enough oil to shallow fry, ie 1cm deep in the pan, heat to a medium high heat

Wash the scallops and season with salt and paprika, sprinkle with some flour to lightly coat

Halve the avocado and place in the middle of the plate

Finely dice the cheeks of the mango and arrange around the avocado

Dot 6 dollops of mayonnaise around the plate, evenly spaced

Cook the scallops for around 1-2 minutes each side depending on the size

Once cooked plate up, squeeze some sweet chili sauce over the plate



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