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Tasty Beef Curry


Tasty Beef Curry

Are you bored of all my curries? You would think I would get bored of making and eating them, but I don’t! This one is mild and sweet, a crowd pleaser for those less daring

Equipment required

1 medium deep based saucepan with lid
Hand blender, chopping attachment

Shopping list for 2 people

300g of stewing steak
250 ml coconut milk
Slurp of water
Splash of oil
2 dried kafir lime leaves


2 lemon grass, bottoms only
2 cloves garlic
1 thumb piece of galangal
1 mild red chili, de seeded
1 tbsp of tomato paste
1 slurp of maple syrup
1.5 tsp of 5 spice
Pinch of salt

Method to the madness

Heat the pan to high and brown the beef evenly on all sides

Put all the ingredients for the paste in the blender and whizz until smooth. If you need more quantity for it to blend properly add some water

Once you have a smooth paste add to the mixture and cook off for 2 minutes

Add in the coconut milk, lime leaves and some water in order for the beef to be covered

Bring to the boil, then place the lid on and turn to low

Leave it to cook for a minimum of 2 hrs, stirring occasionally, add more water if needed

Remove the lime leaves before serving

Serve alongside your fav low carb side. I used *quinoa broccoli and cauliflower.


*Quinoa is only suitable on moderate carb intake diets


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