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Spicy Stuffed Shrums


Spicy Stuffed Shrums

I made a tomato salsa yesterday and realised it was far too hot to use! Even though I de-seeded the chilli it was a fiery little bugger and overpowered the salsa. Not wanting to waste I thought about what I could use it for, so I mixed it with cheese and stuffed it in a mushroom. While still hot, combined with the mushroom and cheese it is delish. Excellent served up as a party food, snack or starter.

Equipment required

1 hand blender chopping attachment
1 small fry pan

Shopping list

Approx 200g mushrooms
125g of tomatoes
1 small hot chilli, de-seeded
2 garlic cloves
1/2 small red onion
Small bunch of coriander
Squeeze of lime
1 cup of grated hard cheese

Method to the madness

Pre heat the oven to 200 degrees

Turn the pan up to a high heat, put the tomatoes and garlic (skin on) in the pan. Cook until they have blackened, add the chilli a minute before it is finished

Remove the garlic from the skin and add with the tomatoes and chilli to the blender, whiz until all the ingredients are broken down, it will be very liquidy, add the onion and herbs, blend for 1 or 2 secs until the onion is diced, add the squeeze of lime

Once the salsa has cooled add it to the cheese and mix

Remove the stalk of the mushroom and stuff with the mixture

Cook for about 20-25 until the mushroom is soft and the cheese is gooey. ENJOY!


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