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Broadbean Dip


Broadbean Dip

This dip is a tasty treat, ready in minutes. Broadbean’s are a good source of vege protein, inexpensive and low carb, a good ingredient to keep on hand.

Equipment required

1 hand blender, chopper attachment or food processor

Shopping list

1 can of broadbeans, 300g
1 spring onion
1 tbsp of tahini
Splash of vege oil
Squeeze of lemon or lime
Pinch of salt

Method to the madness

Dice the spring onion

Drain the broadbeans of all water

Put all of the ingredients, except the lemon juice, in the processor and blend until smooth

Taste for seasoning and add as much lemon juice as desired, stir through

Serve alongside some vege crudités. ENJOY!


3 thoughts on “Broadbean Dip

  1. Making hummus is on my to-do list for today. This sounds very similar, just with a different bean. I will give it a try next time after I get out to buy the broadbeans. Hummus is one of the few foods my 2 1/2 year old will voluntarily eat these days, so it would be good to branch out a bit from there and challenge his taste buds incrementally!

    1. I know it can be very difficult to introduce new flavours to the little ones. I read an article recently that mentioned kids have 30,000 taste buds, and only 10,000 by adulthood, concluding that little ones experience flavour 3 times stronger. This explained my 4 year old step daughters massive reaction to garlic bread! Hummus is a great healthy dip, try it without the tahini, I think it’s just as yummy.

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