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Caribbean Beans

Caribbean Beans

One of the yummiest dishes I had in Tobago was the ‘red beans’ at a little beach restaurant on Pigeon Point. I have no idea what was in that fab recipe but I made this as a side to complement my Stew Chicken. A very tasty dish that would work well as a side with any protein, simple, cheap and quick a good recipe to have on hand.

Equipment required

1 small deep base saucepan
1 hand blender chopper attachment

Shopping list

1 tin of kidney beans in water
1 onion
1 lrg pre made roasted red pepper
1/2 tsp xylitol (optional)
1 stalk of fresh thyme
Good crack of black pepper

Method to the madness

Place the onion and pepper in the chopper and blitz until you get a fine dice, almost a pulp

Heat the saucepan to a medium heat and sauté the mixture for 1-2 mins

Add in the whole tin of beans, leaves from the thyme stalk and black pepper

Heat until the beans are warm in the middle and the liquid is thick and sticky, it should take about 10 mins

Taste for seasoning, serve along side your fav protein or as a delish snack. ENJOY!


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