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Sumptuously Seasoned Roast Chicken


Sumptuously Seasoned Roast Chicken

This roast chicken was the best one I’ve ever cooked! It was so moist and tasty, I couldn’t stop picking at it after we had finished dinner. A must try seasoning.

Equipment required

1 lrg roasting tray
1 small deep based saucepan

Shopping list for 2-3 people

1 1kg chicken
1 tsp of paprika & cayenne pepper
1 chicken stock cube
2 cloves crushed garlic
2 tsp vege oil
50g of unsalted butter
1 lemon

Method to the madness

Remove the chicken from the fridge 30 mins before putting in the oven

Pre heat the oven to 240 C

Put the oil, spices and crumbled stock cube in the saucepan on a medium heat, toast for 2 mins

Remove from the heat and add the butter and crushed garlic, let the butter melt down and cool slightly before using

Prepare your chicken, untie any string and set the chicken out with the legs apart

Prick the lemon all over and insert into cavity

Take your finger and gently slide under the skin over the breast, creating a space between the skin and breast, repeat on the other side

Place 1 tsp of the mixture under the skin on each breast, use your fingers on the top of the skin to gently work the mixture down the cover the full breast

Use the rest of the mixture to coat the whole of the chicken including the top of the breasts

Place the chicken in the oven and cook for 10 mins before turning the oven down to 190 C

Cook for a further 50 mins

Baste with the pan juices at 30 mins and again with 10 to go

Once the juices run clear take the chicken out and let it rest for 15 mins before carving

Serve alongside your fav low carb sides. ENJOY!


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