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Creamy White Wine & Bacon Chicken


Creamy White Wine & Bacon Chicken

A simple recipe that will be sure to impress. The classic combo of chicken and bacon paired with a creamy sauce makes my mouth water. Excellent served in winter or summer alongside your fav low carb veges.

Equipment required

1 small fry pan with lid

Shopping list for 2 people

2 chicken breasts
2 rashers of smoked bacon, any cut
1 clove of garlic crushed
1/4 cup of cream
Splash of white wine

Method to the madness

Finely dice the bacon

Heat the fry pan to a high heat

Fry the bacon until crisp, remove from pan

Seal the chicken breasts in the pan for a few minutes on each side until golden, turn the pan down to a medium-low heat, cover with the lid and leave to cook for approx 10 mins, turning after 5, depending on the size of your chicken breasts

Once the chicken is cooked remove the lid, turn the pan back to a high heat, add in the garlic, cook until it slightly colours

Add in the cream and white wine, let the sauce come to the boil, turn the heat down to medium and let it reduce to your desired consistency, taste for seasoning

Serve the chicken topped with the sauce and crispy bacon. I used mushrooms and curly kale as my sides but it would work well with just about anything. ENJOY!


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