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Crispy Curly Kale


Crispy Curly Kale

Kale is an excellent non starchy veg, making it crispy will add a different texture to a dish, it can also be enjoyed as a snack on its own. Ready in just a few minutes an excellent addition to your recipe repertoire.

Equipment required

1 lrg non stick baking tray
1 plastic bag, no holes, sandwich bag is ideal

Shopping list for 2 people as a side

2-3 lrg handfuls of prepared kale
2 tbsp of vege oil
Generous pinch of salt

Method to the madness

Pre heat the oven to 250 degrees celsius

Put the kale in the bag and add the oil, toss it in the bag so it’s evenly coated, add in the salt and give it one more toss

Lay the kale on the baking tray in one layer, you may need 2 trays depending on the size

Once the oven has reached temp cook for 3-5 mins until it is slightly coloured

Leave to cool on the tray, serve alongside your fav mains. ENJOY!


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