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Keep on moving on

I apologise for the lack of posts over the past month or so. I have been in the process of moving. In fact this is my 20th house move. 20 moves in less then 30 years, I should be very well rehearsed in it by now.  This move is a unique experience for me, as this is my own home, a house that was purchased by my  husband and I. We have been renovating the house, needless to say it has been a trying process. Hopefully this is  the last move we will make for some time..

Each move comes with new challenges, always different from the last, but never less heart wrenching or stressful. When I was young each move signified the end of my life. We weren’t just moving home, we were moving state or country. My father was in the Army so we moved every 2 or 3 years until I was 17 and my parents decided to settle for good in Brisbane.

From a young age I had to become highly adaptable, a move meant; new childcare group or school, teachers, curriculum, sports, parks, past times, modes of transport, houses, bedrooms, pets… but most distressingly friends. I cannot tell you how many tantrums I threw when I was told of our next destination. I made my father promise me at age 12 that there would be no more moves. I was out, I couldn’t handle it, it was too much for me. At 14 I was told we were moving to Vanuatu and I was off to boarding school.

It was at boarding school that I developed extremely strong friendships. I knew I was going to be in the one spot until I was 17, at which point I could decide to stay in Brisbane by myself and live wherever I chose to. I dug in, invested in my friendships and started my young  adult life.

Something unexpected happened towards the end of high school. I got a strange itch, a strange urge to leave Brisbane. My best friend was doing a Rotary year in Belgium (I didn’t even know where that was) so I decided I was off to Melbourne, Sydney or New York, wherever I could go. In the end I was disorganised and didn’t apply for my university spots in time for the other states, so stayed in Brisvegas. I satisfied my urge for change by moving house. I did this twice before my first adventure overseas.
My best friend had returned from Belgium and a group of 5 of us were off to do a winter season in the USA. WINTER BLISS  was the adventure and it lasted for about 6 months, finishing up in Europe.

On my return to Brisbane another house move and then an opportunity to move to Sydney for the summer. I had never lived in Sydney and knew no one there. Perfect, I knew I could handle this, I was of course the most adaptable person there was. I had plenty of experience being in a new city knowing no one. I would thrive. That summer I had an amazing time. I went back to Brisbane to finish uni,  packed up my tiny car with all my worldly belongings and moved to Sydney. I thought this was it for me. Done and dusted. What an amazing city, it had everything I wanted. Sun, surf and city. Once again I embedded here, I made some great friends and enjoyed the hell out of every minute. Strangely enough the itch returned…

I headed off overseas again with a very good friend, the adventure SUMMER IN GREECE, again a 6 month stint. I got back to Brisbane just in time to be Maid of Honour at my best friends wedding. People were settling down now, marriage, babies, real life was in progress. Was mine?  When I got back to Sydney I thought, okay okay enough is enough now, I am here for good. Less then a year later I had packed my bags and moved to London. I knew 2 people in London and I loved them both, I did not however expect that this is where I would be forever. I had a visa for only 1 year so thought my time was limited.

4 years on and 3 house moves I now know this it is. This is where I will be forever. I used to live with uncertainty and chaos and now I live with  routine, structure, and peace. Life has started. Strangely I feel sad when writing that, not because I don’t love my new home, or my husband or my life, but because I know this means that I wont live near my life long friends who are based in Brisbane and Sydney or my family, whom I never get to spend enough time with and who I will always be seeking more of  a connection with. I keep them close in my heart though no matter how much distance is between us.

The works on the house will mostly be completed today. I shall be back to my beloved routine and back to my cooking. I look forward to getting back to sharing some more low carb delights with you all soon.


One thought on “Keep on moving on

  1. A world of distance is a small price to pay for a best friends happiness!!!! Congrats on the move cannot wait for a Skype tour ASAP. All my love xx

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