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Sweet Potato Mash


Sweet Potato Mash

I have spoken about the benefits of sweet potatoes before, so I won’t repeat myself. All I will say is that they are a great accompaniment in small amounts on a lower carb diet. They are flavoursome on their own, but also pick up flavour very well also. This recipe introduces some nutmeg to the sweet potato that adds a nice warmth.

Equipment required

1 medium deep base saucepan

Shopping list for 2 people

1 medium sweet potato
Sprinkle of nutmeg

Method to the madness

Peel and cube the sweet potato, add to a pan of tepid salted water, turn the pan to high and cook until the sweet potato is tender

Drain the sweet potato, add it back to the pan it’s a sprinkle of nutmeg and mash with a fork, taste the mash for seasoning

Serve alongside any meats, chicken or vege dishes. ENJOY!


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