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Broccoli Soup


Broccoli Soup

Who would have thought broccoli soup would be any good? I’m here to tell you, it is! Also it’s quick, easy, very tasty and so healthy. I topped it off with a tsp of Rondele Walnut as an added extra in my bowl, but it didn’t need it. It would also be nice topped with some toasted almonds.

Equipment required

1 lrg deep base saucepan
1 hand blender

Shopping list makes 4 bowls

Approx 500g of broccoli
1 onion
1 tbsp of olive oil
Approx 700ml of boiling water
1 stock cube, vege or chicken

Method to the madness

Boil the water in a kettle

Chop the onion roughly and sauté on a medium heat with the olive oil until soft

Turn to a high heat, add the broccoli use enough water to just cover the broccoli

Add the stock cube and leave the soup to boil until the broccoli is just tender

Blitz the soup with the hand blender until smooth, turn off the heat. Taste for seasoning, serve with your fav low carb topping. ENJOY!


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