Pigging out in Menorca


Pigging out in Menorca

We have just come back from a wonderful family holiday in Menorca, one of the beautiful Balearic Islands in Spain. For those of you who know me, you will be surprised to hear these words, I think I am all porked out! I have an unhealthy love for all things pork so I never thought I would be saying that but for now I am simply, over it.

I have previously spent quite some time in Spain, so am very familiar with the amazing array of cheeses, meats, fruits and vegetables available. On this trip however I took consumption of pork to a whole new level. We stayed at a fantastic villa in Son Bou, we had hired a car for the week but were more interested in spending time at the fantastic beaches and towns around the island then finding a large supermarket to buy our food. So, we utilised the many little supermercado’s. They were actually quite well stocked for their size, but fresh meat products that weren’t pork based were hard to come by. The fact is the pork products were so damn yummy too, this resulted in pork with pretty much every meal.

Some of my favourite dishes on the trip were, Sobrasada croquettes, Menorquina pizza, a simple cheese burger and Arros Negre.

Sobrasada sausage is a pork based sausage, I thought it was similar to chorizo on the palette but had a completely different texture. The Sobrasada was very moist and soft, opposed to the harder chewy texture of chorizo. This is a local sausage of the Balearics and I would highly recommend if you get the chance to sample it

Menorquina Pizza, well I can’t speak more highly of this delight. I had it in 2 different restaurants, the first was actually far superior to the second, but both tasted fantastic. It is a thin based pizza with onions, Sobrasada, Mahon cheese and honey. Cheese and honey are one of life’s little pleasures for me. Combining sweet and savoury foods is one of my favourite things, so this pizza hit all the spots.

My simple cheese burger, well I actually ate this for dinner 3 nights out of 7! When we had bbq’s back at the villa I could not go past it. The patties were brought fresh from the supermercado, they were heavily seasoned pork patties with fresh herbs. They were a little reminiscent of Spam, but in the best possible way, slapped on a toasted bun with onion, local cheese, salad and the best mayonnaise I have ever had, heavenly.

Last but not least Arros Negre. Mr Rossen actually ordered this dish, he did try to force me into ordering it myself, but having not tried it before I knew I would be hard pressed not to chuck a tantrum should I not like it. Arros Negre is a cuttlefish ink rice dish, with peppers, onions and cuttlefish or squid. It had a very subtle flavour with the sweetness that seafood produces rather than the ‘fishyness’. This particular restaurant served it with some aioli alongside it. Bringing the first scary looking black forkful to my mouth I was preparing for the worst… what I encountered was in no way offensive to my palette, I happily went in for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th forkful.

After all the different hams, croquettes, sausages and burgers I am well and truly porked out. I am sure it won’t be long until I reach for my next piece of bacon, but until then I am loving the thought of veges and the humble chicken.


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