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Summer Salad


Summer Salad

This is a fresh, simple salad with no fat and high taste. Using non starchy veges and a quark or natural yoghurt dressing means it’s suitable for just about any diet.

Equipment required

Small mixing bowl

Shopping list for 2 people

200g of shaved chicken
1 small red pepper
1/2 a cucumber
10 cherry tomatoes
2 handfuls of your fav lettuce

2 tbsp of non fat quark or natural yoghurt
Sprinkle of oregano, fresh or dried
Squeeze of lemon juice
Seasoning to taste

Method to the madness

Rip up the lettuce and assemble at the bottom of the bowls

Chop the cucumber into half, then into slices, dice the pepper, halve the cherry tomatoes and assemble on top of the lettuce

Place the shaved chicken around the outside of the bowl, or tear it up and put it on top

Mix the dressing together and dollop in the centre of the salad. ENJOY!


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