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Raspberry Oat Bran Galette


Raspberry Oat Bran Galette

For those of you who saw my post on the simple oat bran galette, you will know I mentioned making a sweet one for my husband. This morning I decided to do one for myself, except I had no fromage frais, so used yogurt instead. I also only used the egg white. It resulted in a much better tasting final result, a recipe I will keep using!

Equipment required

1 non stick pan
1 mixing bowl
Paper towel

Shopping list for 1 galette

1 tub of fat free raspberry yoghurt
1 egg white
1.5 tbsp of oat bran
Tiny amount of vege oil

Method to the madness

Put the oil in the pan, then rub it off with paper towel, heat to a medium heat

Mix 1.5 tbsp of the yoghurt with the other ingredients

Cook for approx 3 mins each side

Serve topped with the remaining yoghurt. ENJOY!


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