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Doing the Dukan, Day 4


Doing the Dukan, Day 4

As you may know I am out of the ‘Attack Phase’ now. The diet now guides me into the ‘Cruise Phase’. This is where I am to alternate between a pure protein and a protein + non starchy veg day. For example today I am allowed to eat veges with my meals, tomorrow I am not. This is supposed to continue until I reach my ‘True Weight’.

I hate to say this to all those who are now following my blog due to my Dukan experience but this is where I must jump off the bandwagon. I won’t entirely jump off, I am going to stick to the guidelines, of low fat, low starchy veges, but I will eat them every day. I will not be having the unlimited yoghurts, max of 1 per day, I am also reintroducing lemon juice in warm water in the morning.

Never fear though, because of the interest peaked by this diet I have introduced a new category to cater for those of you following who are doing the diet. It is called Dukan Friendly and I actually have many recipes that I have already posted that are suitable for the diet.

My weight this morning was the same as yesterday 61kgs. My goal is to get to 58kgs, with holiday in Spain next week I may have to indulge in a little bit of local cheese though.

* pictured above is a chicken breast cooked with thyme and lemon juice, suitable for the attack phase


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