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Doing the Dukan, Day 2


Doing the Dukan, Day 2

So day 1 down, weight lost = 2 kgs. Clearly it was water, it cant be actual fat, surely! It wasn’t terribly hard to be honest, just boring. I chewed on strawberry sugar-free gum in between meals and drank as much water as possible. I haven’t been able to find the oat bran yet, it’s a bit tricky in Geneva, but I am back on the hunt this arvo.

Meal plan today
Scrambled eggs with turkey
0% pineapple yoghurt
3 slices of low fat ham
2 gherkins
0% vanilla yoghurt with cinnamon
Spiced turkey escalopes, topped with ham, eggs and 0% quark
0% yoghurt, flavour to be decided


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