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Doing the Dukan, Day 1


Doing the Dukan, Day 1

Dr Pierre Dukan first published his book in France in the year 2000, according to the paperback edition I am holding. It was not published in the UK until 2010, another fad diet to hit the big time. The front cover has a claim from Grazia magazine ‘the fat attack French women swear by’.

I first heard about this diet when it hit the UK, a friend did the diet very successfully before our Christmas party, the weight loss was irrefutable but what she ate made my stomach churn. I know that low carb diets work, I have known that for some time, but this one is so extreme. Then in the lead up to my wedding I decided I would buy the book and commit to learning a little more about it.

I stuck to the ‘attack phase’ of the diet for 2 days. I saw the scales go down but I was peeing every 2 minutes so undoubtedly this was water. I gave up after the 2nd day because the thought of eating the limited menu for 1 more day made me want to cry. You can actually do this phase from 1-10 days depending on the amount of weight one wants to lose.. I didn’t bother going into the next phase though, the cruise phase, as I just couldn’t get my head around not being able to eat veges every day!

Fast forward to today, I have been indulging in all the wrongs things since my trip to Australia and we are off on holiday next Monday. My wobbly jelly belly will not cut it in any swimsuit, desperate times call for desperate measures. So, I am giving this diet another chance, god knows why, I hate the rigid guidelines and to be honest I was appalled by what I read in the book, it goes against what I think is nutritionally safe*, but let’s see…

Here is a little bit about the attack phase for those of you who are unfamiliar.

You must drink 1.5L of water per day – I usually drink about 4 so that’s easy for me
You can eat as much as you like of lean meats, seafood, non fat yoghurts, eggs and spices (for a more specific rundown you should refer to the book)
You cannot add any fat for the cooking process of these foods
In addition to the above you are allowed 1.5 tbsp of oat bran per day
You cannot eat anything else, that’s right, NOTHING

So starting weight today was 64 kgs, menu plan for today:

2 eggs scrambled with a little bit of crushed chicken stock
1 packet of lean ham
1 non fat yoghurt
Beef burgers and an egg
1 non fat yoghurt

So far nothing scary to report, I will share my beef burger recipe tomorrow, let you know what the scales say and report on my mood – prediction = grumpy.

* I am sure my friend Nicki, who is a nutritionist, will scream at me because I am doing this!


5 thoughts on “Doing the Dukan, Day 1

  1. Oohhhhh I am so exited you are trying the dukan just so I can use all your delish recipes.
    However, weighing only 64 kilos, you’ve got to be kidding me – you DO NOT need to be on any such diet…… Hope nicki does comes over & slaps some sense into you!!!

  2. I’ve done just the attack phase of the Dukan before too, a couple of days at a time for a few weeks. It really does work but I know what you mean about it being restrictive (and I love high protein foods). I need to lose weight again but I’m not sure I can be bothered with it, it’s also not very conducive to writing a food blog! I’m cutting out alcohol for a month instead.

    1. Not at all conducive is it! I can’t post scrambled eggs and turkey every day šŸ˜‰ I am going to do the attack phase for 3-5 days depending how I go. I think after that I will just go back to low carb. The thought of not eating veges is really worrying me! Also I’ll be in Spain next week and I can I resist Palma ham and melon!

    2. P.S my friend asked the other day if cutting out alcohol would make her lose weight, simple answer of course it will! If everything else stayed the same all those calories would be cut out, which would equal weight loss. Such a good solution for those who like a bev. I unfortunately don’t drink alcohol regularly, sometimes not at all for a month or more so it won’t work for me šŸ˜¦

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