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Mediterranean Beef Ragout


Mediterranean Beef Ragout

Although there is only a small amount of added fat this dish is rich and hearty. So simple, you can sit back and relax while it slowly bubbles away making the meat perfectly tender. A great dish for a large number of people, sure to satisfy any beef lovers palette.

Equipment required

1 lrg non stick baking tray
1 medium sized non stick deep base saucepan

Shopping list for 2 hungry people

400g of stewing steak
1 star anise
1/2 beef stock cube
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
1 bay leaf
1/2 tin (from the tomatoes) of water
1 lrg aubergine
1 red pepper
1 medium onion
1 small head of garlic
1 tbsp of olive oil
Small bunch of fresh oregano

Method to the madness

Pre heat the oven to 200 degrees

Heat the saucepan to a very high heat, brown the meat in batches to ensure a good crust

Once browned turn the heat to medium-low and put all the beef back into the pan, add the tomatoes, water, stock cube, star anise and bay leaf. Place the lid on the beef and leave it to simmer stirring occasionally

Slice the aubergine in half, then each half into quarters, cut the quarters into pieces about 1cm. Roughly dice the pepper, cut the onion into wedges, remove the top end of the garlic head with a sharp knife

Put the veges, minus the garlic, into the baking tray, coat with 3/4 of the oil, stir to ensure an even coating. Put the rest of the olive oil into the garlic head and place it in the side of the tray. Bake the veges for about 30-40 mins until they are soft and slightly coloured

Remove the veges from the oven, set to the side. Take the garlic and add the cloves into the beef mixture

After 2 hours remove the bay leaf and star anise, check on the meat, it is ready when it falls apart with a fork, mine took 3 hours. Once the beef is tender add the veges, once they have warmed through turn the heat off, chop the fresh oregano and add to the mixture. Serve by itself or with your fav low carb side. ENJOY!


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