Long Haul Low Carbing

So you may have noticed the recent lack of recipes, I didn’t get lazy, promise. Mr Rossen booked me a surprise flight back to Australia to attend my beautiful friend’s wedding. I found out on Wednesday morning and flew back Thursday morning. My initial reaction was dread. It takes me time to prepare myself emotionally for the longest flight in the history of the universe, or so I thought. Like all good control freaks I went on to check out the seats chosen by Mr Rossen, of course I didn’t fully trust the selection, so had to look for myself. When looking at the expertly chosen seats I saw the choose meal option… Last time we went back to Australia with the same airline, Singapore, we ordered the low carb meals. The decision was an epic fail. Not only were the meals not low carb, if we were eating the regular food the options would have suited us much better. Naturally I chose to go for the regular food this time.

Preparation for the longest flight in the history of the universe usually goes like this… Book flights at least 6 months in advance, spend the next 5 months 29 days worrying about the flight, spend the day of the flight coaxing myself out of panic attacks, board the flight with as much bottled water as I can carry, armed with sleeping tablets I know wont work, calm myself in the seat and choose lots of cheesy feel good movies to placate me until I can get off the tin bird a zillion hours later.

As mentioned I didn’t have the 5 months 29 days to stress and because of this the flight went more like this…spent the day of the flight coaxing myself out of panic attacks, boarded the flight with as much bottled water as I could carry, armed with sleeping tablets I knew wouldn’t work, calmed myself in the seat and chose lots of cheesy feel good movies to placate me. This time I actually enjoyed sitting there watching the cheesy movies, I didn’t get stressed that the sleeping tabs didn’t work, I convinced myself I actually enjoyed this process. Amazing what 5 months and 29 days of not over thinking the flight can do.

So, to the important stuff, the food.

Board 11.30am London to Singapore.
We were served peanuts and drinks then the meal, starter was some kind of fish concoction, main was Prawn Curry or Shepherd’s Pie. I had the Shepherd’s Pie which was really rather delish, it came with carrots and cabbage. Having not eaten the starter, because of my fishy aversion and avoiding the bread roll, after some time I was really rather hungry. I went to the galley to see what snacks were on offer, nothing low carb as you can imagine. I opted for a small finger sandwich trio. One was Salmon, so I had the other 2, Smoked Bacon and Tomato and a Cheese, both were enjoyable, the bread was nice and fresh and it filled the growing spot. What felt like an age later we were served breakfast. The options were Poached Eggs or Pork Noodles. I have a fear of over cooked egg yolks, I have been known to throw a small tantrum when poached eggs are served so hard they could literally bounce. I felt like technically this was to be my dinner so I went for the Pork Noodles. Obviously by now the low carbing truly went out the window, but what’s a girl to do, I have to eat! The noodles were really delicious and very satisfying, they were coated with a sweet hoisin style sauce and the minced pork spread evenly through gave satisfaction with each mouthful. Disembark Singapore 7.20am ish local time

Board Singapore to Brisbane 9.50am ish local time.
I had resisted the tempting Burger King (B.K) neon sign on my little stop over, so by the time I got on the plane I was really famished. I was dying for the menu to be brought around, but am pretty sure the whole plane heard my sigh when I read it. We were to be served lunch, obviously following on from the breakfast on the previous flight, which I had considered my dinner. The options were Pork with Vegetables in a Lemon Grass Sauce or Asian Style Fish, as the trolley started to move through the cabin my insides began to churn. The smell from the fish dish was extremely over powering and nearly brought on my gag reflex. I was starving so tried to block the smell of the fish as I opened the silver lid on my tray. What faced me was a piece of bone dry pork loin and some over cooked veges. Eeek! I had less than 1/4 of the pork and about the same of veges, luckily the starter was a perfectly tasty Chicken Waldorf Salad. I had the bread roll and by sheer starvation was forced to eat the chocolate cornetto served as dessert. To my horror this was the only meal to be served, the only other snack was a choice between a Tuna Crossaint (yak) or a Pastrami Ciabatta. Of course my choice here was easy. Unfortunately though the bread to meat ratio was way off kilter and it was like biting into a huge brick of white hard bread. One bite was more than enough. Disembark Brisbane 7.45pmish local time

A week in Brissy passes

Board Brisbane to Singapore 11.45pm local time
I was feeling full from the nosh up Mum had served for dinner. Lamb cutlets with Aubergine Ratatouille. I was expecting good things, catering out of Australia should be decent. A quick scan of the menu and I wasn’t disappointed. The light meal to be served first, choice of Curry Beef Pie or Shrimp and Chicken Noodles, to be honest I didn’t eat, the lamb cutlets still satisfying me so I can’t really comment. The lady next to me had the beef pie and it looked decent. Luckily the noodles didn’t stink out the plane either. Breakfast was served closer to landing, options were Eggs with Mornay Sauce and Veal Sausage or Noodles with Pork Dumplings. I was temped to go low carb here and try the eggs, but having not eaten for the last 10hrs or so I couldn’t risk being hungry so opted for the noodles. The noodles were a vermicelli with a side of chilli sauce, there were some small slices of mushrooms and cabbage. Not the most exciting noodle dish, if you didn’t eat chilli you would have found it extraordinarily bland. Served along side the noodles were 2 pork shu mai. The dumplings were moist and flavoursome but 2 simply didn’t cut it, I could have done with 4. Disembark Singapore 5.45amish local time.

I was slightly concerned about the food on the next leg, because of the disastrous meal on the way out of Singapore. A bit of forward thinking coupled with greed and the knowledge that the low carbing defo starts hard core the Monday I get back, drove me to B.K. Faced with choices I hadn’t seen before on a breakfast menu, I was excited. I ordered a crossan’wich with egg and turkey bacon. Oh my, I was not disappointed. I felt these carbs really lived up to the rep, sweet, soft and buttery pastry filled with egg, cheese and crispy crispy turkey bacon. Homer Simpson would have been in heaven. I gobbled this down and headed to the gate.

Board Singapore to London 9.05am ish
So I have been sitting here thinking about what I ate on this flight. For some reason I just can’t think of one of the meals. This is very unusual for me, as my memories are usually founded on food. I can recall the food I have eaten in pretty much every restaurant Mr Rossen and I have been to. What I do remember is this… There was a breakfast served, the only option I can remember had egg, sausage and baked beans. I didn’t have this option, but I clearly remember looking at the guys next to me. Whatever I had it clearly was not memorable! I can’t even remember if this was the first meal or the 2nd! I had eaten my delightful crossan’wich though so maybe that explains it, as the memory of that taste it very clear to me. All I know is, I began to get hungry between the first and second meal, off to the galley. No sandwiches this time so I had a very evil little bag of mini choc chip cookies and a packet of salted chips. Meal number 2, or maybe it was the first I just cant remember, I am attributing exhaustion to the memory loss, had 3 options, Beef Brochettes with Mash, Chicken Biryani and Marinated Fish with Mushrooms. I went for the chicken, a deep dislike for bone dry meat and the memory of the pork dish I had out of Singapore last time factored into choosing chicken over beef. Oh dear, FAIL! The dish was heavily spiced with whole cardamon pods, the chicken looked like it had died at the ripe old age of 90 and I just couldn’t force another mouthful after the first. Luckily we were served fruit and a selection of snacks after the meals. The vegetarian sandwich, some kind of Indian inspired cauliflower mix with sultans was very tasty. I washed this down with a small bar of toblerone. Thank god for the snacks and my trip to B.K, without that I think I may have starved.

My overall experience with Singapore was a good one. The seats are comfy, the staff friendly and the food, although it could be improved out of Singapore, was decent. Next time I fly I may give the low carb meals another go, but from experience it is risky. Tips from me to you for a pleasant journey are:

1. Inflatable neck rest pillow, the filled ones aren’t as comfy, you can control the amount of air in the inflatable ones, which means you get a position that suits your neck
2. Plenty of water. Take on a large water bottle, at least 750mls, once you have finished it keep the empty bottle, the hostesses will fill it up for you. You can’t take liquids on in Singapore so keep the empty bottle to take back on the plane. You can fill it up in the gate before you get on.
3. Choose easy watching movies. Movies that get your blood racing and anxiety levels up are never good when you are confined to a small space, keep it light and cheery.
4. Don’t over think the flight, view it as a great time to relax, catch up on movies and read your fav book.


3 thoughts on “Long Haul Low Carbing

  1. Highly disappointing article! Some people don’t have the option of being ”part time” low-no carb or even gluten free/coeliac. This article is misleading, trivialises real medical isses with a blatant disregard when consuming bread, noodles and HJ’s. Worst of all it doesn’t give any real information regarding how to Low Carb on any of the flights!!!

    1. I am not sure what is misleading about the post. It is simply a recount of my time flying. I have never stated that I have an intolerance or medical condition that prevents me from eating certain foods. I chose to avoid certain foods due to the way they make me feel. This is not a blog that gives out any medical advice in any way shape or form. I am being honest and real and sharing my experience, that’s all.

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