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Beetroot Dip


Beetroot Dip

This is super quick, easy and oh so scrummy. Serve it simply as a dip or as a side to your fav protein. This dip came to mind when staring into the fridge and wondering what on earth to do with the leftover beetroot from the salad I made on Monday. I thought back to the time I spent living in Greece with Lui, a great friend of mine, practically every day we went to a certain sandwich shop and got a fresh roll filled with whatever delights took our fancy. One of our favourite toppings was a beetroot concoction. This is my take on it, from memory is it just as delish… Lui?

Equipment required

Food processor or hand blender, with chopping attachment
Mixing bowl

Shopping list

1 lrg pre cooked beetroot, not pickled, approx 250g
5 cocktail pickled onions
1 tbsp of light cream cheese
2 tbsp of light mayo, make sure you check the carb content, some low fat products are loaded with sugar
1 tsp of Dijon mustard

Method to the madness

Dice the beetroot and process with the onions in the food processor or hand blender

Add in the mustard, mayo and cream cheese, stir thoroughly, taste for seasoning, add salt to taste. ENJOY!


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