Bits & Bobs

Low Carb Pyramid


I came across this picture today, by Laura Dolson, that shows the low carb food pyramid and I thought it was interesting to share. Basically it demonstrates that on a low carb diet your diet should be heavy in non starchy vegetables and light on grains and dairy. I’m not sure mine is light on dairy, but hey ho. I am sure if you read about what I ate over the weekend in Portofino you would know I am not a stickler for the rules.

I am in no way trying to tell people how they should or should not eat. My aim is simply to share my recipes, that I use, in line with my lower carb diet.

Hopefully my recipes also appeal to those not on a lower carb diet, for example pair the chilli with some wholegrain rice, the chicken pie with some mash or the baked cheese salad with a fresh wholegrain baguette (wiping drool from my chin).


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