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Baked Cheese Salad


Baked Cheese Salad

Cheese, the most luxurious, delicious addition to any salad. Homer Simpson says ‘you dont win friends with salad’ I beg to differ. With this salad you would make any cheese lover your bestie for life. If you are craving a healthy salad that makes you feel proud of yourself because you ‘only had a salad for dinner’ this isn’t the recipe for you.

Equipment needed

1 small non stick fry pan
1 non stick baking tray
Aluminium foil

Shopping list for 2 people

1 wheel of your fav soft cheese or 2 mini wheels, I used Caprice cheese which is soft and creamy, similar to a Brie
1 bag of lambs lettuce approx 100g
1 avocado
10-12 cherry tomatoes
8 rashers of thin good quality pancetta
Splash of wine
Your fav salad dressing, if desired

Method to the madness

Pre heat your oven to 200 degrees

Put the cheese on the alfoil and score the top of the rind, splash some white wine over the top, bring the edges of the alfoil up around the cheese and put it in the oven

Turn you pan onto a medium – high heat and cook the pancetta until it is very crispy, once cooked turn out onto kitchen paper and break up once it is cool enough to handle

Dice the avocado, use a shallow bowl and assemble your salad with the lettuce in the middle, the avocado and tomatoes sit around the outside. You can splash on some of you fav salad dressing here if you wish, but it isn’t essential. I used French dressing on mine

Once the cheese is melty and smooth remove from the oven, it should take about 10 minutes. If you are using 1 wheel, slice it in half, place the cheese in the middle of the bowl, scatter the pancetta on top. ENJOY!


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