The truth about carbs

How many diets have you read about in your lifetime? I can say I have honestly read and tried over 30 different ones. My diets have ranged from Weight Watchers, to the cabbage soup, to the most recent failure of Dukan. I have never been able to stick to one for longer than 3 weeks, except a low(er) carb diet.

I don’t want to say low carb, because that immediately draws connotations of The Atkins diet. Everyone has a sour taste in their mouth about this diet and from a first glance, I can see why. I think Atkins presented a diet that was so different from the normal nutritional messages that it put a lot of people off, for good.

I have read The Atkins diet information several times over, for the first time in 2004. I do believe in its findings, but I also understand why people cannot fathom it. I am not here to praise any diet, only to speak about my own experiences. I don’t follow The Atkins plan rigorously, but I do adopt a lower carb lifestyle that works for me.

Hopefully you will all enjoy trying my lower carb recipes. I will try to add a new recipe every day, but as these are my dinners I will have to have the night off sometimes, happy cooking. ENJOY!


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